Payton Friesen

Introducing Payton Friesen, an integral part of the Thomason Medical Clinic team. Born in Yukon and later settling in Hinton at the age of six, Payton’s educational journey flourished through homeschooling at God’s Grace Christian Academy. Rooted in a legacy, her mother’s ties to the Yukon area and her paternal ancestry in Binger are deeply cherished. Joining TMC in January 2023, Payton finds her joy in the daily ability to bring smiles to others. Embracing the simple pleasures of small-town life, she forms personal connections with each patient, valuing every interaction. With a passion for the outdoors encompassing swimming, gardening, and animal care, Payton also delights in the wonder of children’s growth and learning, often spending time at parks and the zoo. Enthralled by the bustling clinic environment, Payton holds each patient interaction dear, ensuring they feel cherished and cared for during their visits at TMC. Payton Friesen considers herself truly fortunate to contribute to the well-being of each and every TMC patient under her care.